3 Golden Rules of Stereo Photography

The 3 Golden Rules for stereo photography shall help to use the creative leeway in a good sense, when shooting, mounting or displaying stereo images. A summary of purely technical requirements not within the creative design range of the stereo photographer, but represent a fundamental prerequisite for a fatigue-free enjoyment of stereoscopic presentations, can be found in the DGS quality standard (only German).


What must be considered with stereo photography?
There are exactly 3 basic rules which must be considered, namely one for each of:

A) Shooting stereo images,
B) Framing stereo images and
C) Viewing stereo images, especially using projection.


For optimal stereo enjoyment, the application of all 3 basic rules is absolutely necessary. The rules are comprehensive: all further stereo laws, requirements and rules can be derived from these 3 basic rules.


Note: Frequently the question is asked, why, for example, the so important demand "there must be no height error in a stereo image!" is not part of these 3 Golden Rules. Answer: The 3 Golden Rules deal solely with the creative room for maneuver of the stereo photographer. Concerning the adjustment of the height errors a stereo photographer has no choice: they are simply to be eliminated! For details on the purely technical requirements please refer to the DGS-quality standard.


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The "Golden Rules" have been phrased by Gerhard P. Herbig. Reproduction on these pages is carried out with kind permission of the author.