Goethe und Schiller in Weimar
     Goethe und Schiller in Weimar  /  © Dietmar Rimkus

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We have become accustomed to the three-dimensional world around us being reflected in flat, two-dimensional pictures. However, in this way the sensually impressive depth information gets lost.MiS HP

To avoid this, a camera, normally equipped with two separate objectives, is required, which can produce two horizontally disparate images simultaneously.During playback and viewing of such stereo images, the depth information is generated by the brain  in three dimensions (3D).
You may have been already to a 3D movie or  you may even have a modern TV set with 3D capability at home.Maybe the sometimes absolutely overwhelming sensory experience of 3D effects has motivated you to take an interest in the methods and techniques, involved in creating such visual impressions yourself?

The German Stereoscopic Society has been working for nearly a hundred years on such artistic and technical issues, starting with the  optimization of stereo images and their 3D representation using large-screen projection, to technical matters such as stereo image processing and scientific issues related to brain research,

On the following pages we compiled some information for people interested in stereoscopy as well as information on current activities of the German Stereoscopic Society together with related topics and organizations of interest.

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