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Note from the Organisers

All entries must reach the organisers by 19 July 2019. An extension of the deadline cannot be granted. For submissions that are sent by post, the date of delivery applies. Submissions received later cannot be considered.

If total submissions exceed the maximum projection time, the organisers will make a selection.
Authors whose submission could not be included will be informed before the congress.

If you would like to submit several entries, please give a priority list in the text field for the introduction.

Technical Specifications

To insure smooth projection, the following specifications are mandatory.

Format/image resolution:

Only full HD resolution (3840×1080 or 1920×1080) will be accepted. For smaller images, unused border areas must be filled in with black. Larger images must be scaled down to full HD resolution and potential border areas filled with black.

Shows can be submitted as video files or as executable (.exe) files. Submissions as video files are preferred.


Technical guidelines for videos:

The following video codecs are preferred:


If you would like to use a different codec, please request this in advance.


Possible stereo layouts:

    side-by-side (3840×1080)
    side-by-side half (1920×1080)
    dualstream (2×1920×1080)
    top-bottom (1920×2160)
    top-bottom half (1920×1080)

Technical guidelines for executable (.exe) files:

Executable files from the following softwares may be submitted:


Please ensure to include all necessary files (software DLLs, images, videos) to guarantee a smooth projection.


Only the following stereo layout is accepted for executable (.exe) files:

    side-by-side (3840×1080)


Should technical difficulties arise with a submitted show, the author/producer will be contacted immediately.

Personal Details

Show Submission

Please enter the author(s) or producer(s) of the show here.

The duration of any entry is limited to 15 minutes.

Information for the introduction:
Please only in German, English or French.

Biography for the programme booklet (3-6 sentences):
Please only in German, English or French.

Author's Portrait

We would like the audience to remember you as a contributor. Therefore, we would like to show a portrait of you during the introduction of your show. Please upload a monoscopic portrait photo (resolution 360×480 px) together with your show. Please use JPEG format and your surname as the filename.

Yes, I provide a portrait of myself.
No, I do not wish a picture of me to be shown.

File Format of the Show

Digital Archive

The DGS keeps an archive of digital shows presented at 3D Congresses and other 3D events. Archiving is voluntary. Archived shows may be projected at national and regional DGS events without further enquiry. Any other use is not permitted.

I grant permission to the DGS to present my show at other club events for one year.


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